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Color Options

Vermont Black
A premium quality slate of light and dark shading with a wonderful slate surface texture.  It gives any roof a traditional style and stately look. Some weathering may occur giving the roof spectacular character.

Unfading Red
A very rare and durable slate that does not weather and is only available in Granville, NY.

Vermont Gray
A semi-weathering slate with light to medium shades of gray, some pieces may have small markings of black.
10%-20% will weather to show soft tones of buffs and tans.

Vermont Purple
A Dark Purple Vermont slate with some pieces having marks of green.  After long exposure to weather a very small percentage 
will turn to buffs and tans.

Unfading Light Mottled Purple
A unique Vermont Slate with a blend of soft shades of purple and green in each piece. 

Unfading Green
A beautiful Vermont slate with shades of green and gray/green that will not change in color. Some deposits are a very bright green, while others range gray/green.

Clear Black
A hard veined slate in shades of black. 10%-15% of these slates will weather adding character to any roof.

Semi-Weathering Green (Sea Green)
This is a very popular and abundant slate that is known to be very durable.  When quarried this premium quality slate is gray green in color.
After long exposure to weather 10%-20% of the pieces will gradually begin to show soft tones of buff and tan.

Canadian Black
An unfading black slate produced in Canada.

Unfading Dark Mottled Purple
A unique Vermont Slate with a blend of soft shades of purple and green in each piece.  Very similar to Light Mottled, with a more vibrant purple and green contrast.

Newfoundland Unfading Purple
A Clear vibrant Purple slate imported from Newfoundland.

Unfading Gray
A light Gray-Green Slate with some clouded grayer/black markings.

Unfading Variegated Purple
Primarily a Purple slate with some pieces having spots or streaks of green in varying size. This is an unfading slate and will not change color.


Northeast Slate
720 Rt. 149
West Pawlet, VT 05775

Vermont Black
Unfading Red
Vermont Gray
Vemont Purple
Light Mottled Purple
Unfading Green
Clear Black
Sea Green
Canadian Black
Dark Mottled Purple
Newfoundland Unfading Purple
Unfading Gray
Unfading Variegated Purple


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